2011-12-24 11:50
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在MySQL DB中存储翻译的最佳方法

I'm working on multi-language website.

For example, DB table pages for 1 lang looks like that

enter image description here

Now, I have 2 ideas about translations:

  1. To use all tables in default language - English and create second table - translations use it only if needed.

  2. Or add columns like, title_ru, title_en... to the existing tables.

Which is faster, more efficient way? And please explain your idea (why you think like that)

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例如,1 lang的DB table pages 看起来像

现在,我有2个关于翻译的想法: < ol>

  • 要使用默认语言的所有表格 - 英语并创建第二个表格 - translations 仅在需要时使用它。

  • 或者将title_ru,title_en等列添加到现有表中。

    哪种更快,更有效? 请解释你的想法(为什么你这么想)

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    • douyin4561 2011-12-24 11:57

      I would choose neither of your solutions.

      Creating a new table for each language is not optimal, since you then have to modify each and every query based on which language is selected. Also what should be a fairly simple task of adding a new language, would then mean adding new table schema and updating your entire codebase.

      Likewise adding a new column for each language has the same problems.

      Why not just have a dictionary table, with a language id as part of the PK. Write your site so select the text based on the current language id (1 = english, 2 = russian etc)

      Then to switch to a different language at runtime, all thats involved is setting language id from 1 to 2 in code, and all your queries will continue to work.

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