2011-10-28 00:43


  • regex
  • string
  • php

I need to find a sentence or sentences that is/are surrounding a string. That will be from the first capital letter or break line to the end point or break line.

What I got is this but of course is not working at all:


$regex = '\[A-Z]{1}[a-z]*\s*'.$search_string.'\s*[a-zA-Z]*\i';

preg_match_all($regex, $content, $matches);  

If the word is repeated in more than on sentence i will need to retrieve both sentences. I'm not sure if im explaining it well; please comment and I will try to explain it again.


I have a wordpress website with lot of post and pdf, docs, etc inside those post. Im using a searchengine called swish-e to index all and display results. When someone search for any string i want to display a summary of that string instead of the full post/ or pdf.

So if a user searchs "example" string, i need to show all the sentences or at least a few of them where the word example appears. That´s why i asked for a capital letter at beggining and the end point at the end. I know this wont be perfect but at least i need to cover some scenarios (Capital letter / break lines, etc)

Hope its more clear, once again thanks a lot

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