2018-10-28 07:49
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I created project and push it to github Now I clone it into another pc

What i have done is

> composer install
> npm install

//also import the same database in sql 

now when I open project link in browser it's showing me error of page not found 500

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我创建项目并将其推送到github 现在我将其克隆到另一台PC


 >  composer install 
>  npm install 

现在当我在浏览器中打开项目链接时,它显示我找不到页面错误 500

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  • doudu2515 2018-10-28 07:53

    First create copy .env.example to .env file

    > copy .env.example .env
    > php artisan key:generate

    then goto your .env file and change database details
    this might work for you

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  • dsc7188 2018-10-28 08:06

    try php artisan serve and then localhost:3000 on browser

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