2016-10-21 10:43
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For the ActiveRecord, what is "the name of the relation" that is to be used in eg. link() and unlink() - where is that defined?

UPDATE: The documentation now includes an example - though it doesn't show exactly how the camel case name is converted - as the answer to this question does.

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对于ActiveRecord,例如,“关系的名称”是什么。 link() < / a>和 unlink()< / code> - 在哪里定义?

更新: 文档现在包含一个示例 - 尽管它没有准确显示 驼峰案例名称被转换 - 作为这个问题的答案。

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  • duanpie2414 2016-10-21 10:59

    If you have got relation set like:

    public function getRelationName()

    Relation name is relationName.

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