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I'm trying to update the DOM based on the value entered in a text box.


<input id="event-name" type="text"/>


  $.post("scripts/add-team-support.php",{eventName : eventName},function(minAndMaxString){
  //my code here

this works on the first blur in Chrome. When I tried it in opera, mozilla and edge it doesn't worked on the first attempt.

It worked when I added this before the jquery.


I did this to make the first $.post call to occur when the page opens.

Why is this problem happening? How to solve this in a proper way? Please help!

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我正在尝试根据文本框中输入的值更新DOM。</ p>

HTML:</ p>

 &lt; input id =“event-name”type =“text”/&gt; 
 </ code> </ pre> \  n 

JQUERY:</ p>

 $ .post(“scripts)  /add-team-support.php",{eventName:eventName},function(minAndMaxString){
 </ code> </ pre> 

这适用于Chrome中的第一个模糊。 当我在opera,mozilla和edge中尝试它时,它在第一次尝试时不起作用。</ p>

当我在jquery之前添加它时它起作用了。</ p> < 预> <代码> $( “#事件名称”)聚焦(); $的( “#事件名称”)模糊(); $的( “#事件名称”)聚焦() ; </ code> </ pre>

我这样做是为了在页面打开时进行第一次$ .post调用。</ p>

为什么这样 问题发生了什么? 如何以正确的方式解决这个问题? 请帮助!</ p> </ div>

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