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Ajax文件浏览器AutoLogin Microsoft Office身份验证

I'm using a AjaxFileBrowser to browse WebDav files:

Each user with single credentials and associated folder. I succeeded to make user authentificate and avoid login popop in the browser.

I'm using basic authentification under SSL.

Now i tried to run files with my microsoft office application, i'm getting an authentification pop-up to be able to read/write those files.

Are there any issue to remove this authentification and make it automatic.

As it' mentionned in the official documentation i can use NTLM or Kerberos, but i will loose the first authentification step.

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每个用户 使用单个凭据和相关文件夹。 我成功地让用户进行身份验证并避免在浏览器中登录popop。


现在我试图运行 使用我的Microsoft Office应用程序的文件,我将获得一个身份验证弹出窗口,以便能够读取/写入这些文件。



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  • doufeixi6014 2014-12-04 03:31

    Unfortunately there is no way to avoid authentication dialog with Basic authentication with Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office and a web browser (or other your WebDAV client app) run in separate processes and web browser can not pass the authentication info in this case.

    Here are a couple of options to totally avoid login dialog:

    1. Implement MS-OFBA authentication or MS-OFBA together with Basic. See Choosing WebDAV Server Authentication Shema article to find if MS-OFBA is what you need. You can totally avoid login
      dialog in case of Internet Explorer (but not in case of other web browsers).

      Microsoft Office applications on Windows are using Internet Explorer to display the MS-OFBA login dialog. If user is logging into your website with Internet Explorer and during the login checks the "Remember me" checkbox, than permanent cookies will be shared between the IE window (withing a single website) used in Microsoft Office login dialog and IE web page displaying your website. The login dialog will not be displayed when opening the Microsoft Office document in this case.

      With other web browsers the user will get the MS-OFBA login dialog at least during the first document access. If he checks the 'Remember me' checkbox during the document access, next time the login dialog will not be presented.

      This scenario may also work with Microsoft Office for MAC, but I do not know what web browser MS Office on MAC is using inside its login dialog.

    2. Implement URL authentication. Your urls will look like[SessionID1234567890]/path/file.docx Make sure you do not pass pass the ID as URL parameters in this case, as parameters are truncated by Microsoft Office.

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