2013-08-30 20:58
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I have problem with paypal sendbox testing account. I am trying to reproduce failing transaction when there is no enough funds but even when i make PERSONAL test account with 0$ i always get transaction complited and money is always transferd on BUSSINESS account. When i try to pay i get this message:

PayPal will use Discover XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0295 to fund this transaction if your bank does not have enough funds.

So every time it draws money from that card, but when i try to delete that card from PERSONAL user i am rejected.

Do you know what can cause this problem? :/

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我有paypal sendbox测试帐户的问题。 当没有足够的资金时,我正在尝试重现失败的交易,但即使我用0美元制作PERSONAL测试账户,我总是得到交易合并,并且总是在BUSSINESS账户上转账。 当我尝试付款时,我收到此消息:

如果您的银行资金不足,PayPal将使用Discover XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-0295为此次交易提供资金 资金。


你知道什么会导致这个问题吗? :/

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  • dsndm82062 2013-08-31 16:17

    You can create test accounts without bank / balance / card.
    Though if that's the case and the account doesn't have any funds, the buyer will be asked to add a card to his account prior to being redirected back to your site.

    If you'd like to test a card decline (which is different than testing a PayPal account with no funds), enable 'Negative testing' on your buyer test account and set the 'amount' the AMT='104.86 for API error code 10486, or AMT=106.06 for API error code 10606.

    See also for more details about testing the API error 10486.

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