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php mysqli输入行号到备用列

My database is set up like this

article_id     article_name     article_seo

    12            test a         /test-a

I would like for the article_seo to have the article id within it!

$articleseo=$article_id.'/'.$newurltitle.'.html'; // article_id is undefined

so when it is uploaded to the database it will look like this

article_id     article_name     article_seo

    12            test a         12/test-a

So my question is what what the variable $article_id have to be in order to achieve this

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  • dsfsdfsdfsdfsdf45454 2013-04-25 23:51

    is the article_seo artribute the way you show the link to the article page? If so, none of this should be stored in the database in the first place, and instead it should be part of the code. That would help you with your question too, since the link would be created when displaying the data, so there's no need to work around this issue.

    If you want/need to do this anyway, and if you are distributing ids in increments (auto_increment), you can use MySQL Trigger to get the id of the next item assigned, which will correspond to the last article.

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