2018-08-04 22:14
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I am using the answer found at https://stackoverflow.com/a/25749660 in order to sort the $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] array by the most preferred language.

In that answer (which is working great by the way), one line is:

list($a, $b) = explode('-', $match[1]) + array('', '');

Within PhpStorm, I get the following error for that line:

"Unused local variable $b: The value of the variable is overwritten immediately".

I'm a little confused as to what this line is doing exactly, so I don't know if I should just keep it the same, or if I should modify it to:

list($a) = explode('-', $match[1]) + array('', '');

... which also seems to be working fine.

Should it be changed?

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我使用的答案是 https://stackoverflow.com/a/25749660 ,以最优选的语言对 $ _ SERVER ['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] 数组进行排序。


list($ a,$ b)= explode(' - ',$ match [1])+ array('','');


“未使用的局部变量$ b:变量值立即被覆盖”。

我对这条线的确切做法感到有些困惑,所以我不知道 知道我是否应该保持相同,或者我应该将其修改为:

list($ a)= explode(' - ',$ match [1] )+ array('','');


应该吗 被改变了吗?

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  • duanjie5570 2018-08-04 22:29

    You can't join arrays with the arithmetic operator +. Basically you are telling PHP to convert the arrays to scalar types and then sum them, which yields you a number (probably arrays evaluate to 1 if it has elements and 0 if it doesn't).

    The result is that effectively you are doing something like:

    list($a, $b) = 2;

    And the conclusion PHP reaches is that you haven't specified enough elements to define all the variables in the list.

    To join two arrays together, use array_merge().

    list($a, $b) = array_merge(explode('-', $match[1]), array('', ''));
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  • dongxinxin7809 2018-08-05 08:05

    The wording is confusing because it's a full explanation for an inspection that covers two situations and the initial tooltip only displays the first line, which happens to describe the other situation. If you hit Ctl+F1 you can read the complete text, which kind of makes more sense (emphasis mine):

    Unused local variable 'b'. The value of the variable is overwritten immediately. less... (Ctrl+F1)

    Inspection info: A variable is considered unused in the following cases:

    • The value of the variable is not used anywhere or is overwritten immediately.
    • The reference stored in the variable is not used anywhere or is overwritten immediately.

    That's exactly what happens here:

    list($a, $b) = …

    $a is used later but $b is not. Since $b is never used, this works as well:

    list($a) = explode('-', $match[1]) + array('', '');

    (Remember these inspections are hints to prevent potential bugs, not necessarily errors.)

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