2009-02-06 16:00
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This question pertains to Ruby on Rails and PHP. When looking for a VPS host for a web application (haven't decided which of the 2 languages to write it in yet), what should I take into consideration more? Memory or CPU? I know that you need a fair balance of both, but which wall will I run into first?

I'm sure it depends on the type of work the application is doing, and in my case its the normal CRUD. My guess would be memory, but I'd just like to make sure.

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这个问题与Ruby on Rails和PHP有关。 在为Web应用程序寻找VPS主机时(还没有确定要编写它的两种语言中的哪一种),我应该考虑更多什么? 内存还是CPU? 我知道你需要两者的公平平衡,但我会先遇到哪一面?

我确定这取决于应用程序正在进行的工作类型,在我的情况下是正常的CRUD。 我的猜测是记忆,但我想确定。

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  • dongxia4880 2009-02-06 16:03

    I think the DBMS and the nature/number of the queries you will be making will be the most important consideration here, rather than anything pertaining to the language used. (Assuming the database is going on the same server)

    Unless you've got a very small dataset, memory is likely to be limiting before CPU.

    Also, you've not really specified what the combinations on offer are - so its hard to give an answer.

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