2015-08-12 20:36
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I am creating a browser/text-based game. In order to organize the files, I broke them down into different folders


Server //DB Connection Files
Styles //CSS Files
Structure //Any Template files for the viewable pages (menu bars, etc that I don't want to copy in each viewable .php**
Scripts //JS Files
Location Folders // Like 'Work' or 'Crime' - the menu options

If I'm in say localhost/game/work/work.php and want to access the database, I would have to use

include "../../server/dbc.php";

I have tried

$root = dirname(__file__);

in my localhost/game folder before, but it started giving me an error - "failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found" which is because it's using a full file location and you apparently can't do that.

Is there an easier way to make it so I can access my DB from anywhere regardless of hierarchy in the folders?

Thank you in advance!

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我正在创建一个基于浏览器/文本的游戏。 为了整理文件,我将它们分成不同的文件夹


< p>服务器//数据库连接文件
样式// CSS文件
结构//可查看页面的任何模板文件(菜单栏等我不想在每个可查看的文件中复制。 php **
脚本// JS文件
位置文件夹//喜欢'工作'或'犯罪' - 菜单选项

如果我说 localhost / game / work / work.php 并想要访问数据库,我将不得不使用



  $ root = dirname(__ file __); 

localhost / game 文件夹之前, 但它开始给我一个错误 - “无法打开流:找不到合适的包装器”,这是因为它使用的是完整的文件位置而你显然可以' 这样做。


谢谢 你提前!

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  • dtwr2012 2015-08-12 20:45

    There are a many options, I'll provide a few in order of ease of implementation:

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