2015-05-06 10:08
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在PHP / Zend Framework中获取Google Analytics的cid

I want to track the usage of an API. So I'm using Zend_Http_Client to send POST-parameters to Google Analytic's collector. The Google developers-page tells me, that I have to send a cid (Anonymous Client ID). But how can I send it via PHP when it is part of the _ga-cookie?

Am I supposed to create my own cid? Or am I just too dumb to understand the manual?

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我想跟踪API的用法。 所以我使用Zend_Http_Client将POST参数发送给Google Analytic的收集器。 Google开发者页面告诉我,我有 发送 cid (匿名客户端ID)。 但是当它是 _ga-cookie 的一部分时,如何通过PHP发送它?

我应该创建自己的 cid ? 或者我太愚蠢了解手册?

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