2014-06-04 07:20
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I have wampserver 2.5 installed on my machine which has PHP 5.5.12

But I need to setup and application which is built in PHP 5.2. So how do I use this 5.2 version of PHP?

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我的机器上安装了wampserver 2.5,其中包含PHP 5.5.12

但我需要设置和应用程序,它是在PHP 5.2中构建的。 那么我该如何使用这个5.2版本的PHP?

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  • douhui4699 2014-06-04 16:56

    To get that far back in history, you may find it easier to install one of the old WampServer 2.2 releases.

    You can find the old releases here

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  • duanmu3049 2015-03-24 15:45

    There is a special extension to WampServer 2, which will let you install PHP 5.2.11 in your WampServer.

    Here's the download link: WampServer Extension for PHP 5.2.11

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  • dortmundbvb0624 2015-07-03 09:40

    WampServer Extension for PHP 5.2.11 - is not the best solution, as you could get compatibility error error image. Better to use RiggsFolly solution and install older wamp version.

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