2019-04-18 03:53
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If I have a domain e.g.

I want to be able to get the whole string of text appended after the URL, I know how to get parameters in format ?key=value, that's not what I'm looking for.

but I would like to get everything after the /w/ prefix, the whole string altogether so if someone appended after the above

I would be able to get

I was thinking of installing codeigniter on my server if that helps, but at the moment I'm just using core php

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我希望能够在URL之后添加整个文本字符串,我知道如何获取格式参数?key = value,这是 不是我正在寻找的东西。

但是我希望得到/ w /前缀后的所有内容,整个字符串完全如此,如果有人追加上面的

我能够 获取 /2019/04/17/us/politics/trump-mueller-report.html

我想在我的服务器上安装codeigniter,如果这有帮助,但此刻 我只是使用核心php

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  • drci47425 2019-04-18 04:45

    You just need to use str_replace()

    $str = "";
    $str2 =  str_replace('', '', $str);
    echo $str2;


    Read more about str_replace()

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  • douwen0647 2019-04-18 04:31

    Try this, with strpos and substr

    $str = "";
    echo $str.'<pre>';
    $start =  strpos($str, '/w/');
    echo substr($str, $start + 3);die;


    strpos() will give you first occurrence of /w/ and from there you can do substr with +3 to remove /w/

    OR Try this, with strstr and str_replace

    $str = "";
    echo $str.'<pre>';
    $str1 =  strstr($str, '/w/');
    echo $str1.'<pre>';
    $str2 = str_replace('/w/', '', $str1);
    echo $str2.'<pre>';die;


    strstr() will give you substring with given /w/ and use str_replace() to remove /w/from new string

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