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EasyPHP - localhost别名

I'm using the latest version of EasyPHP on Windows 10 and I would like to achieve one thing which I cannot find an answer to.

I achieve my projects for example like localhost/myproject. Everything is working but it's kind of annoying because my browser's (Google Chrome) autocomplete is kind of useless when all my projects start with localhost

I would like to achieve (probably through Apache config) the thing that when I type for example in my browser it shows me project localhost/myproject. Redirect would be enough but if it worked on the domain the whole time like it does on regular server that would be perfect. So basically I need something like ngrok but with custom domains and it does not need to be public.

It does not need to be automatic, I'm OK with setting each domain manually.

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我在Windows 10上使用最新版本的EasyPHP,我想实现一件我找不到的东西 回答。

我实现了我的项目,例如 localhost / myproject 。 一切正常,但有点烦人,因为当我的所有项目都以 localhost 开始时,我的浏览器(谷歌浏览器)自动完成是没用的。我希望实现 (可能是通过Apache配置)当我在浏览器中输入 时,它显示项目 localhost / myproject 。 重定向就足够了但是如果它在域上工作就像在常规服务器上那样完美。 所以基本上我需要像 ngrok 这样的东西,但是使用自定义域并且它不需要公开。

它不需要是自动的,我没关系 手动设置每个域。

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