2017-01-03 13:15
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I want to store a Carbon date time object in a MySQL Database and I am using Laravel Eloquent to do this.

I have build a test with different data types (dateTime, dateTimeTz, timestamp and timestampTz from Laravel Migrations) and every one cuts off the time zone and only stores the date and time. When the data is accessed again Laravel assumes the default time zone from config and I have invalid data.

Is there a way to either preserve the time zone or to automatically convert the date and time to UTC or the config time zone?

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我想在MySQL数据库中存储 Carbon 日期时间对象,我正在使用 Laravel Eloquent 这样做。

我构建了一个具有不同数据类型的测试( dateTime dateTimeTz timestamp timestampTz ,每个人都会切断时区,只存储日期和时间。 再次访问数据时,Laravel采用 config 的默认时区,并且我的数据无效。


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  • duan00529 2017-01-03 18:36

    MySQL doesn't provide any features to store Timestamp with Timezone. You have to separately maintain all the timezone manually.

    You can define seprate column for maintaining the timezone when the Timestamp retrieved from the Database you can convert Timestamp to related Timezone.

    For that you can use Laravel features Accessors.

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