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I am trying to get the id of the last record inserted in an mssql database using pdo via php. I HAVE read many posts, but still can't get this simple example to work, so I am turning to you. Many of the previous answers only give the SQL code, but don't explain how to incorporate that into the PHP. I honestly don't think this is a duplicate. The basic insert code is:

$CustID = "a123";
$stmt = "
        INSERT INTO OrderHeader (
        ) VALUES (
        $stmt = $db->prepare( stmt  );
        $stmt->bindParam(':CustID', $CustID);       
        $stmt->bindParam(':Name', $Name);

I have to use PDO querying an MSSQL database. Unfortunately, the driver does not support the lastinsertid() function with this database. I've read some solutions, but need more help in getting them to work.

One post here suggests using SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY(), but does not give an example of how incorporate this into the basic insert code above. Another user suggested:

    $temp = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);

But, that didn't yield any result.

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我试图通过php使用pdo获取插入mssql数据库的最后一条记录的id。 我已经阅读了很多帖子,但仍然无法让这个简单的例子起作用,所以我转向你。 许多以前的答案只给出了SQL代码,但没有解释如何将其合并到PHP中。 老实说,我不认为这是重复的。 基本插入代码是:

  $ CustID =“a123”; 
 $ Name =“James”
 $ stmt =“
 INSERT INTO OrderHeader(
SustID)  ,
 $ stmt = $ db-> prepare(stmt); 
 $ stmt-> bindParam(':CustID  ',$ CustID);  
 $ stmt-> bindParam(':Name',$ Name); 
 $ stmt-> execute(); 

我必须使用 PDO查询MSSQL数据库。 不幸的是,驱动程序不支持此数据库的lastinsertid()函数。 我已经阅读了一些解决方案,但需要更多帮助才能使它们正常工作。

这里的一篇文章建议使用SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY(),但没有举例说明如何将其合并到 上面的基本插入代码。 另一位用户建议:

  $ temp = $ stmt-> fetch(PDO :: FETCH_ASSOC); 


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