2015-04-02 10:15
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Zend Framework 1对象内部的var_dump对象

can somebody please advice how I can var_dump() the Zend_Application object?

public 'frontController' => null
protected '_appNamespace' => boolean false
protected '_resourceLoader' => null
   protected '_application' => 
       protected '_autoloader' => 
           protected '_autoloaders' => 
               array (size=0)

I can var_dump the Bootstrap object with var_dump($this->bootstrap('view')); , but I can't figure out how to var_dump the nested Zend_Application object.

Many thanks in advance.

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  • doutucui0133
    doutucui0133 2015-04-02 12:39

    First of all, in Zend Framework 1, you can/should use:


    Instead of:


    You can dump application but it will not give you everything. You could change index.php adding:


    After :


    The most important thing here is to never forget zf is opensource and you can very much go into the code to look at it, drop Zend_Debug::dump() anywhere you like so you could do what you want. Just revert the zend files back to original after you are done.

    Last point: It's possible or even probable that you do not need to dump zend application like that. I do not know what is wrong in your code but its doubtful that its "really" a problem with zend. Reading up on the application object, the bootstrap and zend's mvc in general should help you.

    Hope this helps!

    Dorian M. added: you can also extend the Zend Object to add the dump in your own function and don't mess up the original code

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  • dousuitang5239
    dousuitang5239 2015-04-02 12:17

    If you need var_dump() for test codes, i recommend you to use test functions with phpUnit. this is more advantage.

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