2013-09-03 10:33
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I m getting this error "Too Many Redirects in the page" during magento setup, between Configuration and Create Admin Account

I have already installed sample data in a db called "magentodata"

My php version is 5.3.8 MYSQL VERSION 5.5.16 (I am using phpmyadmin to install sample data) Apache is 2.2.21 mod rewrite is on

The error is hapenning only if SAMPLE DATA are installed in the db Anyone has a solution to this trouble?

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我在magento中收到此错误“页面中的重定向太多” 配置和创建管理员帐户之间的设置


我的php版本是5.3.8 MYSQL VERSION 5.5.16(我使用phpmyadmin来安装示例数据) Apache是​​2.2.21 mod rewrite is on

错误 只有在数据库中安装了SAMPLE DATA 时才会出现问题。 Anyone有解决这个问题的方法吗?

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  • dro7152 2013-09-13 10:56

    instead of http:// localhost/magento1702 try to use http://magento.local/magento1702 it seems like magento doesn't like base domains without dots

    to have magento.local pointing to local server add the line magento.local

    to your hosts file

    [windows] c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (open it as administrator)

    [linux] (not sure but seems to be) /etc/hosts

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