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google-php-client example calls the authorization URL when user clicks a link. I want to call it when page loads without any user click. The way it is implemented in google-client example:

$client = new Google_Client();
$client->setApplicationName('Google Contacts PHP Sample');
$auth = $client->createAuthUrl();
print "<a class=login href='$auth'>Connect Me!</a>";

I am trying to remove dependency on clicking on Connect Me link and call url given by $client->createAuthUrl(). I am new to Codeigniter that's why struggling on this simple task.
I check that there are following different ways to call an URL but not sure which one will work here:

  1. cURL
  2. file_get_contents
  3. stream_context_create

I am using php 5.3 with XAMPP

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google-php-client示例在用户单击链接时调用授权URL。 我希望在没有任何用户点击的情况下加载页面时调用它。 在google-client示例中实现它的方式:

  $ client = new Google_Client(); 
 $  client-&gt; setApplicationName('Google Contacts PHP Sample'); 
 $ client-&gt; setScopes(“”); 
 $ auth = $ client-&gt  ; createAuthUrl(); 
print“&lt; a class = login href ='$ auth'&gt; Connect Me!&lt; / a&gt;”; 

I 我试图消除对点击 Connect Me 链接的依赖,并调用 $ client-&gt; createAuthUrl()给出的url。 我是Codeigniter的新手,这就是为什么要在这个简单的任务上挣扎。

    \ n
  1. cURL
  2. file_get_contents
  3. stream_context_create

    我正在使用带有XAMPP的php 5.3 < / p>

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