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Im trying to make a autocomplete search, that searches from a string in a input, in my database from several tables, like Persons, Users, and Bands. Using Laravel 4.2.

I then want three objects to be accessed, and updated, in a #div on the view im already at.

I have tried alot, but this one was hard. My solution worked on localhost but not online, but it was a bad solution anyway, by passing a view with->(the objects). Failed online since headers already are sent.

I think my solution should be something like this:


{{ Form::open(['action' => ['SearchController@search'], 'method' => 'post']) }}
{{ Form::text('term', '', ['class' => 'uk-width-1-1', 'id' =>  'term', 'placeholder' =>  'Søk etter person'])}}
{{ Form::close() }}


   public function search(){
    $term = Input::get('term');

    $fest = Session::get('festival');
    $festival = Festival::find($fest);

        $persons = DB::table('fs_persons')
            ->join('fs_festival_persons', 'person_id','=','')
            ->where('festival_id', '=', $fest)

    foreach ($persons as $query)
        if ((strpos(strtolower($query->firstname), strtolower($term)) !== false) OR ((strpos(strtolower($query->lastname), strtolower($term)) !== false))) {
           $results[] = [ 'id' => $query->id, 'value' => $query->firstname.' '.$query->lastname, 'tlf' => $query->tlf ];

return Response::json($results);

But im unsure how to use it properly, here is just one object, tried making a multilevel array with objects, but it is all very confusing for me. This is alittle bit code from the jquery autocomplete, i get that working but I want my own presentation of the search results.

I would love to be able to do, in a view, that gets updated on keyup on the search input, and where i can use blade templating:

    <div class="uk-width-small-4-4">
    <div class="uk-width-small-4-4">
    @foreach($persons as $person)
                $tmp_pers = Person::find($person->id);

    <span class="search_name">
    <a href='{{ URL::to("festival/$festivalen->slug/person/$person->id") }}'>
    {{ $person->firstname }} {{ $person->lastname }}

But im unsure on how to makeetrieve variables out of json, all this was much harder than I expected, so hoping anyone could guide me, thanks!

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