2016-08-08 10:32



i've been using PayPal REST API since some months to handle sale payments programmatically without problems, both on live and sanbox platform. From a couple of days I figured that, only for sanbox, is impossible to finalize (execute) payments using resource POST, indeed I get every time INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR response with status code 500.

Last response:

Got Http response code 500 when accessing {"name":"INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR","message":"An internal service error has occurred","information_link":"","debug_id":"2205fb9528a0f"}

Any idea about what is happening?

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  • dongle7637 dongle7637 5年前

    full disclosure, I work at PayPal leading developer advocacy.

    There was an issue with sandbox today and we escalated it through to try to have it resolved. I'm being told that the issue should now be resolved. In my tests on sandbox, the payments are going through. Can you please let me know if you're still encountering the 500 errors? If so, I'll send that back to the team.

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  • dongyou5098 dongyou5098 5年前

    Others are experiencing similar issues: PayPal REST Sandbox API giving INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR

    I'm experiencing the same only when using 'paypal' as the payment type. Submit a ticket to paypal at:

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