2017-06-13 08:11
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Currently I can able to create constant variable in Codeigniter, but is there any way to create constant array in CI. Suppose I can create constant array of Languages supported by my website.

$language = array('English', 'French');

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目前我可以在Codeigniter中创建常量变量,但有没有办法在CI中创建常量数组。 假设我可以创建我的网站支持的常量语言数组。

  $ language = array('English','French'); 
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  • dtcyv3985 2017-06-13 08:21

    You can serialize your array and then put it into the constant. For example,

    # define constant, serialize array 
    define ("FRUITS", serialize (array ("apple", "cherry", "banana"))); 

    Use it $my_fruits = unserialize (FRUITS);

    You can store it as a JSON string in a constant. And application point of view, JSON can be useful in other cases. 

    define ("FRUITS", json_encode(array ("apple", "cherry", "banana"))); 
    $fruits = json_decode (FRUITS); var_dump($fruits);

    Let me know if it not works.

    Note : This need PHP 5.6+ version

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  • doujumiao5024 2017-06-13 08:14

    in your config->constants.php

    $config['language'] = 'english';
    $config['language'] = 'french';
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  • dsxi70423 2017-09-26 15:11

    In your constants.php located in your application/config folder simply declare it as

    defined('LANGUAGE') OR define('LANGUAGE', array('English', 'French'));

    Use can use them as

    foreach (LANGUAGE as $key => $value) {
      echo $value;
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