2018-03-09 17:37
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如何在Magento 2中添加和应用breadcrumbs.phtml到子主题?

I have a Magento 2 theme I'm using for the design, and have a child theme created that I'm working off of. I am trying to modify the breadcrumbs html so I can extend some additional classes to it. I can't find any breadcrumbs.phtml file in the parent theme, but I did find it in the vendor/magento/module-theme/view/frontend/template/html directory.

My question becomes, how can I create a new breadcrumbs.phtml file for my new child theme and where do I add it to the xml so it will be reflected on the frontend?

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我有一个我用于设计的Magento 2主题,并创建了一个子主题,我是 工作。 我试图修改面包屑html所以我可以扩展一些额外的类。 我在父主题中找不到任何breadcrumbs.phtml文件,但我确实在vendor / magento / module-theme / view / frontend / template / html目录中找到它。


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  • douyou1901 2018-03-10 07:10

    If you just want to override template, then you do not need to add it in xml, just copy the breadcrumb.phtml file to your theme's directory and you can modify it in your theme.

    You can put your breadcrumb.phtml file at below path.


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