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A user on my site inputted special characters into a text field: ä ö

These apparently are not the same ä ö characters I can input from my keyboard because when I paste them into Programmer's Notepad, they split into two: a¨ o¨

On my site's server side I have a PHP script that identifies illegal special characters in user input and highligts them in an html error message with preg_replace.

The character splitting happens there too so I get a normal letter a and o with a weird lone xCC character that breaks the UTF-8 string encoding and json_encode function fails as a result.

What would be the best way to handle these characters? Should I try to replace the special ä ö chars and replace them with the regular ones or can I somehow catch the broken UTF-8 chars and remove or replace them?

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  • douniewei6346 2019-02-28 13:37

    It's not that these characters have broken the encoding, it's just that Unicode is really complicated.

    Commonly used accented letters have their own code points in the Unicode standard, in this case:


    However, to avoid encoding every possibility, particularly when multiple diacritics (accents) need to be placed on the same letter, Unicode includes "combining diacritics", such as:


    When placed after the code point for a normal letter, these code points add a diacritic to it when displaying.

    As you've seen, this means there's two different ways to represent the same letter. To help with this, Unicode includes "normalization forms" defined in an annex to the Unicode standard:

    • Normalization Form D (NFD): Canonical Decomposition
    • Normalization Form C (NFC): Canonical Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition
    • Normalization Form KD (NFKD): Compatibility Decomposition
    • Normalization Form KC (NFKC): Compatibility Decomposition, followed by Canonical Composition

    Ignoring the "Compatibility" forms for now, we have two options:

    • Decomposition, which uses combining diacritics as often as possible
    • Composition, which uses specific code points as often as possible

    So one possibility is to convert your input into NFC, which in PHP can be achieved with the Normalizer class in the intl extension.

    However, not all combinations can be normalised to a form with no separate diacritics, so this doesn't solve all your problems. You'll also need to look at what characters exactly you want to allow, probably by matching Unicode character properties.

    You might also want to learn about "grapheme clusters" and use the relevant PHP functions. A "grapheme cluster", or just "grapheme", is what most readers will think of as "a character" - e.g. a letter with all its diacritics, or a full ideogram.

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