duanhe6464 2019-02-28 13:22
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A user on my site inputted special characters into a text field: ä ö

These apparently are not the same ä ö characters I can input from my keyboard because when I paste them into Programmer's Notepad, they split into two: a¨ o¨

On my site's server side I have a PHP script that identifies illegal special characters in user input and highligts them in an html error message with preg_replace.

The character splitting happens there too so I get a normal letter a and o with a weird lone xCC character that breaks the UTF-8 string encoding and json_encode function fails as a result.

What would be the best way to handle these characters? Should I try to replace the special ä ö chars and replace them with the regular ones or can I somehow catch the broken UTF-8 chars and remove or replace them?

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