2016-02-25 10:23
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I have been a searching a lot on this

I want to create a course using Web service API of moodle. Things I understood so far are

  1. There is a function named core_course_create_courses
  2. Need to create a access token
  3. I have a code which uses curl class which I dont know how to configure on my server(godaddy domain) hosting

Please someone have done this post code or suggest me some tutorial to follow.

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我一直在搜索这个</ p>

我想要创建 使用moodle的Web服务API的课程。 目前我理解的是</ p>

  1. 有一个名为core_course_create_courses的函数</ li>
  2. 需要创建 访问令牌</ li>
  3. 我有一个使用curl类的代码,我不知道如何在我的服务器(godaddy域)托管上进行配置</ li> </ ol> <n 请有人做过这个邮政编码或建议我学习一些教程。</ p> </ div>

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