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I have an array formed by exploding a string as follows.

$interest_array = explode(',', $user->interests);

When I var_dump this array I get

array(3) { 
    [0]=> string(19) "Acute critical care" 
    [1]=> string(11) " Cardiology" 
    [2]=> string(20) " Computed Tomography"

With the following code

if (in_array('Acute critical care', $interest_array)) {
        echo "selected";}

I output....selected. Now thats fine, but I need this to work for several of the array values. With the following code for example,

if (in_array('Acute critical care', $interest_array)) {
    echo "selected_once";

if (in_array('Cardiology', $interest_array)) {
    echo "selected_twice";

I only get one output of selected once, but I am expecting an output of selected once twice.

Why is this. I have seen that many people have had similar issues with in_array but none of the solutions I have found work (and most of the questions are slightly different. I have tried flipping the array and using array_key_exists without luck. I have also tried preg_replace to remove the white space within the string without luck. Can someone explain what the issue is?

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  $ interest_array = explode(',',$ user-> interest); 

当我 var_dump我得到这个数组

 [0] =>  string(19)“急性重症监护”
 [1] =>  string(11)“Cardiology”
 [2] =>  string(20)“Computed tomography”


  if(in_array(  '急性重症监护',$ interest_array)){

我输出....已选中。 现在没关系,但我需要这个才能适用于几个数组值。 例如,使用以下代码,

  if(in_array('Acute critical care',$ interest_array)){
if  (in_array('Cardiology',$ interest_array)){

我只获得一次选择的输出 ,但我希望输出一次 两次

为什么会这样。 我已经看到很多人在使用in_array时遇到了类似的问题,但是我找不到任何解决方案(大多数问题都略有不同。我试过翻转数组并使用 array_key_exists 没有运气。 我也尝试过 preg_replace 来删除字符串中的空格而没有运气。有人能解释一下这是什么问题吗?

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