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.divtrymethod1-1 {
  display: inline-block;
  vertical-align: top;
  color: rgb(235, 15, 15);
  width: 38.2%;
  height: 888px;
  transition: .2s;
  overflow: auto;

.divtrymethod1-1 {
  height: 15vw;
  transition-delay: .8s;
  margin-left: 1%;
  margin-top: 6%;
  font-size: 0.8vw;
  color: black;



        var reciperead = document.querySelector('#recipe1')
        var flagfortrying = 0
        var canclereading = document.querySelector('#divremove')

        var divtryintro = document.querySelector('.divtryintro')
        var divzoompiecename11 = document.querySelector('.divzoompiecename1-1')
        var divzoompieceintro11 = document.querySelector('.divzoompieceintro1-1')
        var divtrymethod11 = document.querySelector('.divtrymethod1-1')
        var imgdivzoom = document.querySelector('.imgdivzoom')
        var divzoom11 = document.querySelector('.divzoom1-1')

        //         .divzoom1-1:hover div.divtrymethod1-1 {
        //   height: 15vw;
        //   transition-delay: .8s;
        //   margin-left: 1%;
        //   margin-top: 6%;
        //   font-size: 0.8vw;
        //   color: black;

        // }

        reciperead.onclick = function () {

            if (flagfortrying == 0) {

                reciperead.style.display = 'none'
                canclereading.style.display = 'block'
                flagfortrying = 1

                divtryintro.style.width = '25%'
                divtryintro.style.marginLeft = '2%'

                imgdivzoom.style.width = '18%'
                imgdivzoom.style.marginLeft = '3%'
                imgdivzoom.style.marginTop = '10%'

                divzoompiecename11.style.fontSize = '1.3vw'

                divzoompieceintro11.style.fontSize = '0.8vw'

                divzoom11.style.width = '100%'
                divzoom11.style.paddingBottom = '41.4%'

                divtrymethod11.sytle.height = '15vw'
                // divtrymethod11.sytle.transitionDelay = '0.8s'
                // divtrymethod11.sytle.marginLeft = '1%'
                // divtrymethod11.sytle.marginTop = '6%'
                // divtrymethod11.sytle.fontSize = '0.8vw'
                // divtrymethod11.sytle.color = 'black'

        canclereading.onclick = function () {

            if (flagfortrying == 1) {

                reciperead.style.display = 'inline-block'
                canclereading.style.display = 'none'
                flagfortrying = 0





<div class="container">
        <div class="divtypeblock1">Chinese
            <div class="divtrymanue1" id="Chinese"></div>
            <div class="fullscreen">
                <div class="divzoom1-1">
                        <img src="../resource/picture/22.jpg.webp" alt="Noodles" class="imgdivzoom">

                    <div class="divtryintro">
                        <div class="divzoompiecename1-1">ALLSPICE PORK CHOPS <br> & EASY SAMBAL VERMICELLI</div>
                        <div class="divzoompieceintro1-1">Food feeds the body <br> music feeds the soul <br> and
                            is paired <br>with moderately tasting noodles <br> as a sign of the end of <br> the day.
                    <div class="recipereadmore" id="recipe1">R <br> E <br> A <br> D </div>
                    <div class="divremove" id="divremove">
                        <img src="../resource/picture/叉叉.png" alt="cha" class="imgxx">
                    <div class="divtrymethod1-1"><strong class="strongtrytext">Directions</strong><br>
                        <hr><strong> Brine for Pork Chops </strong><br>

                        1.In a medium saucepan, add all dry ingredients and 2 cups of water. <br><br>
                        2.Bring mixture up to a low simmer, stirring to dissolve salt and sugar.<br><br>
                        3.Remove from heat and add remaining 2 cups of water.<br><br>
                        4.Set aside and let cool down to room temperature.<br><br>
                        <strong>Allspice Brined Pork Chops</strong> <br><br>

                        1.In a large non reactive bowl, add pork chops to room temperature brine.<br><br>
                        2.Make sure chops are completely covered – weigh down with a small plate if needed. Cover and
                        refrigerate for at least 6 hours – overnight is ideal.<br><br>
                        3.When ready to cook, remove chops from brine and blot very dry with paper towel.<br><br>
                        4.Let chops come slightly up to room temperature (at the very least, remove from fridge 5
                        before cooking to take the chill off, for more even cooking.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and
                        have a small baking sheet (with a wire cooling rack if you have one) standing by.<br><br>
                        5.Heat a cast iron (or other oven ready) pan to medium high and add vegetable oil. Season pork
                        with pepper and sear over high heat, pressing down very slightly, until lovely dark golden
                        about 5 minutes on one side.<br><br>
                        6.Flip the pork chop and place the entire pan with pork chops directly into the oven, for 10-12
                        minutes or until chops are cooked to desired doneness.<br><br>
                        7.Check with an instant read thermometer inserted sideways into the the thickest part of the
                        chop –
                        should read 150 F – remembering that the chop will continue to cook as it rests.<br>
                        8.Remove chops from oven and let rest at least 10 minutes, tended with foil to keep warm, before
                        9.To serve, slice in 1/2 inch thick pieces towards bone, leaving a nice piece remaining on the
                        (that’s the cook’s treat!) Serve warm with Easy Sambal Vermicelli.<br><br>
                        <strong>Easy Sambal Vermicelli</strong> <br><br>

                        1.In a large bowl, place dried vermicelli and pour over enough boiling water just to cover.
                        noodles down slightly with tongs as needed.)<br><br>
                        2.Let stand 1-2 minutes, then drain well and rinse with plenty of cold water.
                        Drain again and spread now cooked noodles on a clean tray.<br><br>
                        3.Toss lightly with vegetable oil to prevent sticking.<br><br>
                        Meanwhile in a large bowl, combine remaining ingredients, stirring well to dissolve sugar.
                        Add back cooled, cooked noodles and toss to evenly coat noodles with the delicious dressing.
                        Serve with Allspice Pork Chops.<br><br>
                        <strong> Recipes copyright Roger Mooking 2017</strong>


运行结果是当我点击触发按钮时没有触发 divtrymethod11的样式改变效果的以及下面作为验证的alert()函数,说明当代码运行到此处的时候后面部分都不执行了





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