2012-12-10 12:06
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I've built a PHP script that creates/restores a backup containing a sites content and database. It works really well on smaller sites but it runs into trouble on larger sites. What would be the best way to batch a script like this? Basically, it copies files from one directory to another, creates a DB dump and then zips the directory.

I've done a little bit of research, do I need to use cron jobs?

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我已经构建了一个PHP脚本,用于创建/恢复包含网站内容和数据库的备份。 它在较小的网站上运行良好,但在较大的网站上遇到麻烦。 批处理这样的脚本最好的方法是什么? 基本上,它将文件从一个目录复制到另一个目录,创建数据库转储然后压缩目录。</ p>

我做了一些研究,是否需要使用cron作业? </ p> </ div>

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