2014-04-03 20:25
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在Ubuntu 13.10,PHP 5.5上安装Phalcon - 操作码无效

I have installed Phalcon using the instructions in the download page on a brand new server with Ubuntu 13.10, Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.5

When I try to run the test/default application I am seeing this in the Apache logs:

[Wed Apr 02 18:46:14.381872 2014] [core:notice] [pid 7634] AH00052: child pid 7639 exit signal Illegal instruction (4)

Additional hunting and tracking I ran across this in dmesg

[1156560.603934] traps: php[5067] trap invalid opcode ip:7fa191d7ddc8 sp:7fffa291e4c0 error:0 in phalcon.so[7fa191c18000+28d000] [1157014.697160] traps: php[6185] trap invalid opcode ip:7ff2b48f5dc8 sp:7fff678e6f00 error:0 in phalcon.so[7ff2b4790000+28d000]
[1157054.064211] traps: php[6205] trap invalid opcode ip:7ff3f4deddc8 sp:7fff6d8f26c0 error:0 in phalcon.so[7ff3f4c88000+28d000] [1157071.808218] traps: php[6256] trap invalid opcode ip:7faee68eddc8 sp:7fffa58c37b0 error:0 in phalcon.so[7faee6788000+28d000] 

Any help appreciated.

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我已经使用Ubuntu 13.10,Apache 2.4和PHP的全新服务器上的下载页面中的说明安装了Phalcon 5.5


  [Wed Apr 02 18  :46:14.381872 2014] [核心:通知] [pid 7634] AH00052:子pid 7639退出信号非法指令(4)

追加狩猎和追踪我跑 跨越这个dmesg

  [1156560.603934]陷阱:php [5067]陷阱无效操作码ip:7fa191d7ddc8 sp:7fffa291e4c0错误:0 in phalcon.so [7fa191c18000 + 28d000] [1157014.697160 陷阱:php [6185]陷阱无效操作码ip:7ff2b48f5dc8 sp:7fff678e6f00错误:0 in phalcon.so [7ff2b4790000 + 28d000] 
 [1157054.064211]陷阱:php [6205]陷阱无效操作码ip:7ff3f4deddc8 sp:7fff6d8f26c0错误:  phalcon.so中的0 [7ff3f4c88000 + 28d000] [1157071.808218]陷阱:php [6256]陷阱无效操作码ip:7faee68eddc8 sp:7fffa58c37b0错误:0 in pha  lcon.so [7faee6788000 + 28d000] 


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  • dongrenzheng1619 2014-04-03 20:25

    Try compiling Phalcon this way:

    cd cphalcon/build/safe
    export CFLAGS="-O2 -fvisibility=hidden"
    ./configure --enable-phalcon
    sudo make install
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