2013-10-14 20:16
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I'm using PHPQuery, which is a PHP port of jQuery, so it also uses CSS selectors. However, one difference is that PHPQuery does not return matched elements in the document order when there are multiple selectors.

Is it possible to combine this into one selector?


The only other solution I can think of is:


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我正在使用PHPQuery,它是jQuery的PHP端口,所以它也使用CSS选择器。 但是,有一个区别是,当有多个选择器时,PHPQuery不会按文档顺序返回匹配的元素。

是否可以将它组合成一个选择器? \ n

 #article> p,#article> blockquote 

我能想到的唯一其他解决方案是: \ n

 #article> *:not(div):not(table):not(ul):not(... 
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  • dongre6404 2013-10-14 21:39

    I haven't used phpQuery(till 5 minutes ago) but as it works like jQuery, using it's .filter() method should do the trick, the idea is selecting all the children and then filtering the elements that match the criteria.

    $doc['#article']->children()->filter(function($i, $element) {
        return in_array($element->tagName, array('blockquote', 'p'));
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  • dongtingrun4973 2013-10-14 20:18

    You can combine the selector use add()


    Given a jQuery object that represents a set of DOM elements, the .add() method constructs a new jQuery object from the union of those elements and the ones passed into the method. The argument to .add() can be pretty much anything that $() accepts, including a jQuery selector expression, references to DOM elements, or an HTML snippet, jQuery api.

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