2011-06-30 13:12
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I know this question has been asked several times. And i have checked all but none were giving satisfactory answers.

Some say TCPDF can parse but i searched on its site. nothing is given to read the pdf. thn xpdf- xpdf is a utility which is to be installed on server and than run commands to extract the text.

I even searched FPDF but in that site also nothing is given about reading the pdf or any function related to readin in manual.

So do i have to use pdfbox and java bridge to extract text..? or is some folk can answer that it is possible using tcpdf.

what to prefer now...?

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我知道这个问题已被多次询问。 我已经检查了所有但没有人给出满意的答案。

有人说TCPDF可以解析但我在其网站上搜索过。 没有给出阅读pdf的内容。 thn xpdf- xpdf是一个安装在服务器上的实用程序,而不是运行命令来提取文本。


我也是 必须使用pdfbox和java桥来提取文本..? 或者有些人可以回答使用tcpdf是可能的。


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  • dongtao5055 2011-06-30 13:24

    I think the status is largely the same as it was: there are no PHP native implementations of a PDF parser. There are command line alternatives and I know that there are implementations in other languages (I personally use the Python library), but no native PHP ones.

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