2013-11-20 10:17
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Magento SOAP客户身份验证?

I'm currently looking at creating a mobile application which integrates with a Magento store and have managed to get many aspects of it working using the SOAP API such as retrieving products and categories.

I am now looking to solve an issue where I need the user of the mobile app to login in with their Magento customer login details, however looking through the SOAP API there is no method for an actual customer to login?

Does anyone have any idea of how I can perform this task.


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我目前正在寻找创建一个与Magento商店集成的移动应用程序,并设法获得许多方面的 它使用SOAP API,例如检索产品和类别。

我现在正在寻找一个问题,我需要移动应用程序的用户登录他们的Magento客户登录详细信息,但是通过SOAP API查找没有方法可以 实际客户登录?



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