2012-08-13 08:29
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What options do I have for converting MP3's to OGG on the fly using PHP? I assume the only way to do this is via the command line with an execute statement. Is this true? If so, what converters (and associated commands) would I be best off using?

I have tried:

oggenc2.exe but was told by the program that the MP3 I passed was not a valid filetype

ffmpeg.exe but was unable to figure out how to go from mp3 to ogg (found how to go from ogg to mp3 though)

Convert mp3 to ogg via php

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我有什么选择可以使用PHP动态地将MP3转换为OGG? 我假设唯一的方法是通过带有execute语句的命令行。 这是真的? 如果是这样,我最好使用哪些转换器(和相关命令)?


oggenc2.exe但被告知 我通过的MP3程序不是有效的文件类型



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