2018-03-20 22:39
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I want to execute a python script,, from a php function.

#!/usr/bin/env python
import random

def test() :
   print("test success")

if __name__ == '__main__':

I can successfully execute it using php command line:

php -r '$message = exec("python3 ~/../scripts/"); print_r($message);' 

I've added the following to my php code:

$message = exec("python3 ~/../scripts/", $output, $return_val); 

When I execute it, nothing is output (no errors in devtools). When I print the variables, $output and $message are empty and $return_val is 2 (misuse of shell builtins according to Bash documentation).

I know exec() is allowed after adding the following into the same function:

if (exec('echo TEST') == 'TEST')
      echo 'exec works!';

What could be causing this error? How can I execute the python script with php?

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 #!/ usr / bin / env python 
import random 
def test():
 print(“test success”)
if __name__ ==  '__main __':


   php -r'$ message = exec(“python3~ /../ scripts /”); 的print_r($消息);”  


  $ message = exec(“python3~  /../scripts/“,$ output,$ return_val);  

执行时,不输出任何内容(devtools中没有错误)。 当我打印变量时, $ output $ message 为空, $ return_val 为2(根据Bash文档滥用shell builtins )。

我知道在将以下内容添加到同一个函数后, exec()是允许的:

  if(  exec('echo TEST')=='TEST')
 echo'exec works!'; 

可能导致此问题 错误? 如何用php执行python脚本?

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  • duanmeng3573 2018-03-20 22:42

    Your web server does not share your home directory, so ~ will point to the wrong place. Specify the full path of the file instead.

    python3 will exit with 2 when it can't find the file, along with a helpful message on stderr. The web server error logs will confirm this, as will adding 2>&1 to your command to capture stderr as stdout in your variable.

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