2015-06-10 03:12
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PHP - 正则表达式从字符串的开头和结尾删除单引号

I have a string variable like $string = "'dj12JKmi3433Kl09'". How to remove the single quotes ' from the beginning and end of the string using a preg_replace function? Thanks for your help.

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我有一个字符串变量,如 $ string =“'dj12JKmi3433Kl09'”。 如何使用 preg_replace 函数从字符串的开头和结尾删除单引号'? 谢谢你的帮助。

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  • dqpkea9486 2015-06-10 03:16

    You don't really need a regex for this; you can just use trim(), as in trim($string, "'").

    If you really want a regex for some reason, this one would do it:


    Just replace with ''.

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