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Tumblr API V2错误代码429:“超出速率限制”您的速率受限,速度减慢。 标题信息?

I tested Tumblr API with PHP, then I try to follow with friends using API and worked successfully, then later I get this error:

Error 429 "Rate Limit Exceeded"

I heard I need to wait 1 hour and limits will gone. Also I see a few information about headers:


This informations can be in header. What header? Oauth? I don't found that. How can I see this variables? How can I get more information about API follower limitations? Tumblr's API documentation not contain that.

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    dongshungou7699 dongshungou7699 2015-06-26 15:58

    Answer provided by Felix Bonkoski:

    You can only fetch X many followers per minute with the API. This is represented in the x_ratelimit_api_... headers. These fields in the header inform you what the limit is, how many more calls to the API you can make, and when the limit will expire so that you can start using that API endpoint again. This is not in the documentation, but please see the Tumblr API Discussion Group where there are posts dealing with this issue.

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