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I'm trying to match 4 backslahes using preg_match.

preg_match('/\\\\\\\\/',$subject) works fine, but preg_match('/\\{4}/',$subject) doesn't.

Perhaps I'm using {} incorrectly. Could anyone advise?

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    doumang20060820 doumang20060820 2014-06-23 09:00

    Ok I got it: Two backslashes mean you want one backslash in your string: So for the regex it looks like this: /\{4}/ Which means you want to escape the {

    What you need here is:

    preg_match('/\\\\{4}/', $subject);

    That looks for the regex like this: /\\{4}/ and works properly.

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  • douzhimao8656 douzhimao8656 2014-06-23 08:57

    Use this:

    preg_match('/(?:\\\\){2}/',$subject, $m);

    It matches 4 backslashes.

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  • dtv995719 dtv995719 2014-06-23 09:01

    Regex is the wrong tool when you're looking for a literal string.

    strpos($subject, str_repeat("\\",4)) !== false
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