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doctrine2 with php Datetime month

I have some events stored in a database using doctrine and Symfony2, and those events have a two datetime parameters, start and end of the event. I need to know if those events are active during a certain month, but i cant find a way. I tried with :

$now = new \Datetime('now');
    $qb  = $this->createQueryBuilder('e');

    $qb->where('e.start <= :now AND e.end >= :now')
       ->setParameter('now', $now);

    return $qb->getQuery()

but it limits to the day, and not to the month. Is there a way to check it ? Thanks a lot !

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我使用doctrine和Symfony2将一些事件存储在数据库中,这些事件有两个日期时间参数,start和 活动结束。 我需要知道这些事件在某个月内是否有效,但我找不到办法。 我尝试过:

  $ now = new \ Datetime('now'); 
 $ qb = $ this-&gt; createQueryBuilder('e'); 
 \  n $ qb-&gt; where('e.start&lt; =:now AND e.end&gt; =:now')
  - &gt; setParameter('now',$ now); 
返回$ qb  - &gt; getQuery()
  - &gt; getArrayResult(); 

但它限制为当天,而不是月份。 有办法检查吗? 非常感谢!

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  • dongpu1908 2014-04-01 08:15

    You can use the following code

    $monthStart = new DateTime(date('Y-m-01') . " 00:00:00");
    $monthEnd = new DateTime(date('Y-m-t'). " 23:59:59");
    $qb  = $this->createQueryBuilder('e');
       ->where('e.start <= :end AND e.end >= :start')
       ->setParameter('start', $monthStart)
       ->setParameter('end', $monthEnd);
    return $qb->getQuery()
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