2018-04-12 10:33
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Debian - / usr / bin / env:'php ':没有这样的文件或目录

So go straight to the problem, when I run ./yii seems I got that error from Debian:stretch that I ran from Docker.

However when I run /usr/bin/env php -v I got the correct output and there's no problem on it.

Seems there's a problem on new line being translated as string and I have no idea how to fix it.

Sorry if my English a bit messy and thanks in advance.

Just note:

  • I've been trying to edit that file using nano within debian but it's useless. I'm getting the same error.
  • I've check php file within /usr/bin/php and it's exist both php and php7.1
  • I can run php -v without problem as well

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所以直接问题,当我运行 ./ yii 似乎我得到了 来自Debian的错误:延伸我从Docker运行。

然而,当我运行 / usr / bin / env php -v 时,我得到了正确的输出而且没有 它的问题。


很抱歉,如果我的话 英语有点乱,提前谢谢。


  • 我一直在尝试使用<编辑该文件 debian中的代码> nano 但它没用。 我收到同样的错误。
  • 我在 / usr / bin / php 中检查了php文件,它存在 php php7.1
  • 我也可以毫无问题地运行 php -v
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  • doushi4633 2018-04-12 10:52

    You should convert the file with UNIX new line convention.

    You have a DOS file, which has the extra character before , which is interpreted as a character in the command. So system will check the program php and not php, and so it fails.

    tr -d '\15' < original_file > converted_file

    should do the work (StackOverflow has many other methods and tricks)

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