doujiao3998 2008-11-24 21:14
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I have an object that implements ArrayAccess, Iterator and Countable. That produces a nigh-perfect array masking. I can access it with offsets ($object[foo]), I can throw it into a foreach-loop, and many other things.

But what I can't do is give it to the native array iterator functions (next(), reset(), current(), key()), even though I have implemented the required methods from Iterator. PHP seems to stubbornly try to iterate through its member variables, and entirely disregards the iterator-methods.

Is there an interface that would hook the object to the remaining array-traversing-functions, or am I stuck with what I have?

Update: IteratorAggregate doesn't seem to be the answer either. While it is used in foreach-loops, the basic array iterator functions don't call the methods.

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  • dongqiyou0303 2008-11-24 21:55

    Recent changes in PHP prevent ArrayIterators form being manipulated using the standard array functions (reset, next, etc).

    This should be restored soon:

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  • douxueke5653 2008-11-24 21:25

    Is ArrayIterator not what you're looking for? Or what about ArrayObject, which seems to be SPL's interface for what you're trying to achieve.

  • drhwb470572 2008-11-24 21:36

    One way to get this to work is to define your own iterator in a separate class, and then tell your main class to use that new iterator instead of the default one.

    class MyIterator implements Iterator {
      public function key() {
      public function rewind() {
      // etc.
    class MyMainClass implements IteratorAggregate {
      private $_data = array();
      // getIterator is required for the IteratorAggregate interface.
      public function getIterator() {
        return new MyIterator($this->_data);
      // etc.

    Then you should have as much control as you need. (And you can reuse your own MyIterator across a number of classes).

    No testing done on the above, but the principle is correct, I believe.

    Hope this helps!




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