2017-06-30 17:38
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I'd like to be able to either restrict access to specific database user accounts, or block specific database user accounts from logging in via phpMyAdmin. How can I configure phpMyAdmin to do this?

Specifically, I'm running phpMyAdmin Ubuntu server. I want to know how to configure this at the level of phpMyAdmin itself, and not through the webserver or OS.

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我希望能够限制对特定数据库用户帐户的访问,或阻止特定数据库用户帐户 通过phpMyAdmin登录。 如何配置phpMyAdmin来执行此操作?</ p>

具体来说,我正在运行phpMyAdmin Ubuntu服务器。 我想知道如何通过网络服务器或操作系统在phpMyAdmin 本身</ strong>和不</ strong>级别配置它。</ p> </ div>

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