2019-06-28 13:31



I am trying to use file_get_contents in different way. Somehow it's not working by this way. Please see the code

$attrb = "https://html5andcss3.org";
$htmlcontent = file_get_contents("'" .$attrb . "'");
echo $htmlcontent;

I got the error message

enter image description here

But when I use this code in normal way, it works fine. Please see the working code below

$htmlcontent = file_get_contents('https://html5andcss3.org');
echo $htmlcontent;

My problem is that, I will get the URL in a variable and I need to start from there. So I can not directly put the URL.

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  • dpecb06062 dpecb06062 2年前

    The variable's value is already a string. You don't need to surround it with extra quotes:

    $htmlcontent = file_get_contents($attrb);
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