2016-09-27 07:04



I am trying to upload my new website (codeigniter project) to the server. .htaccess file is used in my project and it is working properly in localhost. Also, i can upload the file too, but after uploading, it is not working. I always need to add the 'index.php' in url. I can't see the .htaccess file and when i trying to upload it again, it is showing the message, the file is alredy exist. Do anyone know the reason?

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  • dongling3243 dongling3243 5年前

    Try using FileZilla and enable hidden files to be visible:

    1. Open FileZilla FTP client.
    2. From the Menu bar choose Server
    3. Select Force Showing Hidden Files which should be the last option.

    enter image description here

    One other thing to check is if you're using Apache or Nginx because Nginx does not support the .htaccess file

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  • dsdapobp26141 dsdapobp26141 5年前

    As mentioned in the comments, it could be that the server is running for example Nginx instead of Apache.

    However, I think the most likely cause for the .htaccess file not having an effect is a configuration issue. It could be that .htaccess functionality is disabled either in config you can manage, or in the server's config.

    Contact your webhost to resolve this issue.

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  • doubu8643 doubu8643 5年前

    remove .htaccess file from your server , but before make sure that that file is no more useful for you .

    other way

    open the hosting server .htaccess file in online editor of cpanel now copy past your htaccess file codes which required to be change.

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  • donglefu6195 donglefu6195 5年前

    The file exists, but is hidden.

    Probably the user on whose log does not have permission to replace him.

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  • dongzhengzhong1282 dongzhengzhong1282 5年前

    I am using winSCP(FTP software) to upload my .htaccess. As you mentioned you are not able to view it. However when you try to create a new file through winScp, the file will be automatically loaded to your text editor.

    I am not sure if other FTP software works the same.

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