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我应该使用哪些Web开发工具和语言? [关闭]

I started programming in january of this year and have covered a lot of ground. I have learnt javascript, ruby on rails, html, css, jquery and every now and then i like to try out some clojure but i will really get into that in the middle of next yr. I really didnt like rails and prefer using netbeans with pure javaScript, html and css, i just feel like i have more control. I really like javascript, but when it comes to sever side programming i have a problem.......for my level of experience i just feel like server side js will not be a good fit yet as it is still not as mature/user friendly as php or ruby on rails.

What server side language should i invest in, should i learn php? There is so much info on source code on php. I know that there is node.js and emerging frameworks like geddy.js but i need something more user friendly....or am i just being a woos.I would really like some help on this.

Thanks in advance

PS. Update: Thanks all for advice, i have settled on python and web2py framework. I decided between django and web2py by doing a couple of simple tutorials and preferred web2py by a huge margin.

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我在今年1月份开始编程,并且已经涵盖了很多方面。 我已经学习了javascript,ruby on rails,html,css,jquery,偶尔我想尝试一些clojure,但我会在下一年中期进入。 我真的不喜欢rails并且更喜欢使用netbeans和纯javaScript,html和css,我觉得我有更多的控制权。 我真的很喜欢javascript,但是当谈到服务器端编程我有一个问题.......对于我的经验水平我只是觉得服务器端js不会很合适,因为它仍然没有那么成熟 /用户友好的PHP或ruby on rails。

我应该投资哪种服务器端语言,我应该学习php吗? 关于php的源代码有很多信息。 我知道有node.js和新兴的框架,比如geddy.js,但是我需要一些更友好的用户......或者我只是一个人。我真的希望得到一些帮助。 \ n


PS。 更新:感谢大家的建议,我已经解决了python和web2py框架。 我决定在django和web2py之间做一些简单的教程,并且优先考虑web2py。

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