2013-05-17 08:45
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How to export MySQL database table contents on to a PDF file. It has to be displayed in the website as download/print data. When the customer click on that he/she has to get the PDF opened or an option to download the PDF with all the contents of the table using php.

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如何将MySQL数据库表内容导出到PDF文件。 它必须在网站上显示为 download / print data 。 当客户点击他/她必须打开PDF或使用php下载包含表格所有内容的PDF时的选项。

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  • dongmei9203 2013-05-17 08:49

    Take a look at I never heard about out of box way to print mysql table data into PDF, but with TCPDF you can programmatically build a PDF file with table filled with data inside it. It also allows to output document created on the fly easily into a browser.

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