2016-05-31 07:44
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在PHP OOP中需要帮助

I'm new in PHP OOP. I need some help for how to write the php OOP class then can call the class like below.

Query->table('user')->column('id','name')->where('name LIKE ?', 
  ["name"=> 'John'])->orderby('name', 'desc');

But, I had try so many time, what I can get it something like below then stop.


I'm running out of ideas and I had google a lot, but fail to find any solution.

Any suitable help is very much appreciated.

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我是PHP OOP的新手。 我需要一些关于如何编写php OOP类的帮助,然后可以像下面这样调用类。

  Query-> table('user') - > column('  id','name') - > where('name LIKE?',
 [“name”=>'John']) - > orderby('name','desc'); 


  Query-&gt  ; table('user') - > column('id','name'); 

我的想法已经用完了我的谷歌了 很多,但没有找到任何解决方案。


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