2014-01-14 05:47
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I made typical form with ZF2 form and wanted to add validation using ZF2 InputFilter. It was success but the colour of error message is black which is looks strange. I tried to change the colour by using method I've searched like this:

    'name'    =>'NotEmpty',
    'options' => array(
        'messages' => array(
            NotEmpty::IS_EMPTY => '<div style="color:red;">Please enter User Name!</div>'

But, instead of message's colour changed to red, it showed the tag with style, in other word, just plain HTML. What is the proper way to achieve my need?

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我使用ZF2表单制作了典型表单,并希望使用ZF2 InputFilter添加验证。 这是成功但错误信息的颜色是黑色,看起来很奇怪。 我尝试使用我搜索过的方法更改颜色:</ p>

'options'=  &gt;数组(
 NotEmpty :: IS_EMPTY =&gt;'&lt; div style =“color:red;”&gt;请输入用户名!&lt; / div&gt;'
 </ code> </ pre> 

但是,不是将消息的颜色更改为红色,而是显示带有样式的标记,换句话说,只是简单 HTML。 什么是实现我需要的正确方法?</ p> </ div>

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