dongqian3198 2016-12-27 17:22
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So, I am currently trying to make a login form for my browser game, which requires multiple queries to work properly. I first started with the normal procedure of querying using PHP and MySQL but soon discovered it wasn't the best way to do it because of SQL injection.

So, I decided to use the stmt, which according to stackoverflow, is safer.

My code is bigger than this, but I will just put here the part that is bugging (I have debugged the rest of the code and everything else is fine, including connection to the MySQL server)

$stmt = mysqli_prepare($conn, "SELECT username FROM users WHERE username='$playername'");
//Im pretty sure this is where the bug is
mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "s", $playername);


mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt, $dbusername);


$row_cnt = mysqli_stmt_num_rows($stmt);

if($row_cnt === 0) {

    $error = true;
    $errorid = "There is no player registered with that username.";
    echo $errorid;


I have created an entry in the database with the username "Syvered" which is the one i am testing at the moment, and when trying to use that username on the login form (notice that $playername is the inputed username by the user) it still says "There is no such user with that username" which means that mysqli_stmt_num_rows($stmt) is returning 0 for some reason. This is what I dont understand.

I really hope I have been clear enough to you, thank you in advance for your help.

Questions I checked but unfortunately didn't help:

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  • doucan8049 2016-12-27 17:25

    You're passing a variable in the WHERE clause:

    WHERE username='$playername'

    instead of a placeholder, which needs to be changed to:

    WHERE username=?

    since you're wanting to use a prepared statement.

    Make sure that $playername does have a value and that you've successfully connected using the mysqli_ API.

    Using proper error checking would have helped:

    If you're looking to see if a row exists (which seems to be the case here), see one of my answers which uses a prepared statement:

    and a PDO method also.

    An example taken from one of my answers, which is what you need to do and replace it with what you're using in the query and variable(s):

    $query = "SELECT `email` FROM `tblUser` WHERE email=?";
    if ($stmt = $dbl->prepare($query)){
            $stmt->bind_param("s", $email);
                $email_check= "";         
                if ($stmt->num_rows == 1){
                echo "That Email already exists.";


    After testing your code, there is something you are not doing correctly here.

    You need to "store" the results which was missing in your code.

    Yet, let's try a slightly different approach and check if it does exist and echo that it does, and if not; show that it doesn't.

    Sidenote: I used >= in if($row_cnt >= 1) should there be more than one matching. You can change it if you want.

    $playername = "Syvered"; // This could also be case-sensitive.
    $stmt = mysqli_prepare($conn, "SELECT username FROM users WHERE username = ?");
        mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "s", $playername);
        mysqli_stmt_store_result($stmt); // Store the results which was missing.
        mysqli_stmt_bind_result($stmt, $dbusername);
    $row_cnt = mysqli_stmt_num_rows($stmt);
     if($row_cnt >= 1) {
        $error = false; // Changed from true
        $errorid = "It exists.";
        echo $errorid;
    echo "It does not exist.";
    • You can revert back to the way you used the conditional, but remember to "store" the result.
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