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I have a form with multiple fields & recaptcha. If one of the fields is invalid when submit button is clicked & recaptcha is valid it submits the form but validates those fields and returns an error message to the user if it failed.

At this stage recaptcha remains checked & validated on frontend. If user fixes the issue on the field that had the error message and resubmits the form the response from recaptcha is false and therefore not validated.

enter image description here

After I enter valid email, I get this:

enter image description here

My function that checks the captcha is this:

enter image description here

on false it results in that error message that is displayed on above screenshot.

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我有一个包含多个字段的表单&amp; 验证码。 单击提交按钮时,其中一个字段无效&amp; recaptcha有效它提交表单但验证这些字段并在用户失败时向用户返回错误消息。</ p>

在此阶段,recaptcha仍然被检查&amp; 在前端验证。 如果用户在具有错误消息的字段上修复了该问题并重新提交表单,则来自recaptcha的响应为false,因此未经验证。</ p>

</ a > </ p>

输入有效的电子邮件后,我明白了:</ p>

</ p> \ n

我检查验证码的功能如下:</ p>

</ p>

on false会导致上面屏幕截图中显示的错误消息。</ p> </ div>

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